We harvest this beautiful cold pressed olive oil with our family at Kinclaven Grove and together we have created a full range of flavoured olive oils perfect for drizzling and cooking.

Everyone has their favourites, but for us roasted pumpkin will never be the same without being baked in Roasted Garlic & Wild Thyme. The freshness of Orange and Fennel is a beautiful match for salads in dressings; or drizzling it on your bread will take the humble toastie to the next level.

A bruschetta, simple pasta dish or marinara is simply prepared with the Basil, and the blend of citrus fruits that makes Orange Citrus, creates a delicious point of difference in your home made dressings, mayonnaise or baking.

The spices complementing the chilli heat of this harissa style chilli oil is what makes it special. It can add a cheeky hint of spice to any breakfast, lunch, dinner or dark chocolate dessert. 

from the grower..
Handpicked and processed locally, our extra virgin olive is a blend of Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino olive varieties.
Kinclaven Grove in an innovative family business producing a growing range of olive oil products from our grove in Snake Valley, west of Ballarat.